I'm a freelance writer and communications specialist focusing on the areas of healthcare, smart energy, and education. My favorite assignments involve talking with healthcare providers and research scientists in order to help them communicate to a general or industry audience about the exciting things they are doing. It's both fun and meaningful to me to write about new discoveries, care management, how different organizations are tackling healthcare challenges, and how patients and their families can access services or advocate for themselves.

I also enjoy working with individuals and small businesses to develop or improve their blogs, bios, social media profiles, and websites.

I'm a staunch defender of the productivity-boosting benefits of short naps, long walks, and dance breaks. My other serious forms of play include writing short and long fiction (urban fantasy, thriller), playing guitar, and doing improv comedy. Proud supporter of geek culture for all ages and storytelling across all mediums.

Prior to working in communications, I earned my bachelors and masters degrees in chemistry and worked in science and education.

Creativity is my jam

About Patricia Powell

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In addition to my communications work, I do creative special projects based in pop culture. Surprisingly, these "fun"‚Äč projects always end up helping me help clients with their own special projects. So far, the creative journey has involved
-82K words and counting toward an urban fantasy novel - write your own novel with me during NaNoWriMo in November! (And add me as a friend--my username is MsPowPow.)
-courses in art and design
-improv comedy
-a brief-but-deep fixation on coding
-marketing at comic book conventions (including New York Comic Con)
-e-commerce platforms